sexta-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2010

Georgia O'Keeffe

Ontem assisti o Filme sobre a vida de Georgia O'Keeffe
aqui está a sinopse.
Starring: Ed Begley Jr., Henry Simmons, Jeremy Irons, Joan Allen, Kathleen Chalfant, Linda Emond, Tyne Daly Genre: True Story
When fiercely independent and then-unknown female artist Georgia O’Keeffe (Joan Allen) discovers famed photographer and art impresario Alfred Stieglitz (Jeremy Irons) is displaying her drawings in his gallery without her permission, she confronts him and orders him to remove the collection. But Georgia finds herself taken with Alfred’s charms as he convinces her to allow him to become her benefactor and to champion her artistry. Their working relationship evolves as they fall deeply in love and Alfred eventually leaves his wife for Georgia. She soon becomes a rising star who is poised to eclipse Alfred’s light. As their relationship suffers, Alfred finds twisted ways to emotionally wound her, including taking a younger lover. Georgia’s search for solace moves her west, where she finds new inspiration for her paintings – and ultimately her own voice – in the New Mexico landscape. To find out more about the life of Georgia O'Keeffe, go to The Georgia O'Keeffe Museum. [1] [1]

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